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Recover Your Google Account Recovery Password Help

At time when you created your google account recovery uk and usa, you chose an gmail address, a password and some security information that was provided. Taking in consideration, your google password recovery is indeed case-sensitive and it might that you forget your google account recovery if you have not logged in for a long term recently to your account which need to recovered as soon as possible.

1.Steps for your Google account recovery:

Visit the Google account recovery page and there enter your email address.

the last password to be entered, used for your Gmail account.

(If you still couldn’t remember your password, foremost try the recent one which could be remembered).

If still doesn’t remember, then click on “Try another way”

This could be possible to retrieve your account via your phone by verifying through some identification information.

2.Another want for google account recovery would be via sending a reset code to the phone number registered to your account.

Sent a notification to your phone number registered.

Enter your phone number to be confirmed and then proceed further.

3.Another way could be to attempt answer to your secret question

4. Another way is to send a resent code to the email address you registered for your account.

* Enter the gogole account recovery email address.

*And the code to be verified.

* proceed as the steps says.

(Google will there on send a code to your email address or the phone number to be verified)

Google Account is the web-based email service provider that includes various services such as Gmail, Hangout and Google+ and many more. It has been interrupted by a large number of users over the last many years to share, transmit and collect information on the Internet. If Google Account stops working, you will certainly not be able to access the services they provide, in such a situation there are many recommended solutions available to recover Google account via email, phone number, and the security question. Read all the basic information carefully to get you back to the Google Account.

Include all possible ways of Google Account recovery phone number lost. This is one of the most convenient and preferred method by the users to recover Google password with email, keep the details of alternate email address with you rising above the complexity.

Google Account Recovery Phone Number Lost

If a user attempts to access the Google Account and the denied access error message is displayed on the screen, it should be restored. Access is usually denied due to an incorrect password. There are several methods of Google Account recovery phone number lost

In the event that a user does not have access to the phone or email associated with the account, it can be restored by doing one of the following:

· The initial step is to browse the Google Account Recovery Page on the Internet

· Then enter the username of the account and click the Next button.

· On the password page, the user is required to click the Forgot password link

· Then, the user is prompted to enter each recently remembered password for the Google Account. If a user doesn’t remember it, try another way that can be clicked.

· The next way is to select the date when the account was created.

· If you are redirected to the next page, Google will ask for the latest password and if you don’t remember it, click Try another way.

· Now choose the option to recover the password by phone number and then click Send code.

· Google will now send verification to your recovery phone number and then enter the received code into the provided box.

· Then click the Submit tab.

· Enter the new and secure password for your Google Account in the provided field and then re-enter it to confirm.

One of the best ways of Google Account recovery phone number lost

· Open your browser.

· Type “https g.co/recover” in your browser’s search bar.

· Click on the Google Account Result. This will take you to the Google Account Recovery page.

· Enter the email ID of the account you need to recover.

· Click Next.

· On the next page, it asks you to enter the last password you remember, click “Try another way”.

· Since you have set up two-step verification, it will ask you to enter the phone number, but you will not be able to access your phone number, so click on “I do not do my phone

· The next page will ask you “when did you create this account”, if you remember, enter the references, otherwise click “Try another way”.

· On the next page you will need to enter the primary email address, a verification code will be sent to your primary email address.

· Open the primary email in the following tab and click on the link sent by Google and follow the instructions.

· You must enter and re-enter the password.

· Once you set the password, log out and log in again with the new password.

· The above step will restore your Google Account.

How do I recover a Google Account without security question?

Also, have you forgotten security questions of your account as well as Google Account recovery phone number lost? Don’t worry because you can still recover your password without using security questions as in the steps below:

· First, visit the Google password recovery page.

· Now enter the email ID associated with Google that password you want to recover.

· Click Next.

· If you know your last password, enter it or click Try another way.

· Now you can see the password recovery option by phone number and then click send code option.

· A verification code you get on your phone number and then enter it in the provided field.

· Click the Submit tab.

· Type your new Google Account password and then re-enter it to confirm.

By following these Google Account recovery steps described above. Users can easily return to your Google Account with a new password.

Recover Gmail Account Password

Google Account Recovery Date of Birth

You must follow the instructions provided for Google account recovery date of birth if you are unable to recover your account using your phone or an alternate email address:

· Visit the Google account referral link https://g.co/recover in your browser

· Enter the username of the account

· Click on NEXT

· Click I do not have access to this phone number

· Click I do not have access to this email address

· Now you will be given the option to answer the security questions, you need to click OK

· Now it will ask you to enter your date of birth

· You must enter your date of birth and click Next

· You will now have the option to reset your account password

· You must enter and confirm the new password

· Once you are ready, click save option when ready to complete the recovery of your Google account.

· Now you can log in to your Gmail with the new password.

The process to restore deleted Google Account

Follow the steps below to recover the deleted Google Account:

· First of all, try the Google Account recovery page.

· When you reach there, you will need to enter the username and click Next.

· Then you have to forget the ‘Password?’ Select the option on the next page.

· Then enter the previous password if you remember otherwise, then click on the “Try another way” option.

· Going forward, you will need to choose the phone number or email address to recover your Gmail account.

· As soon as you select the phone number, a verification code will be sent to you via text, providing the code in the field provided.

· Next, you will be redirected to the Google reset page where you can create and confirm a new password.

· When completing the steps above, you must complete the process by clicking the Save Changes option.


So you can find all the possible ways of Google account recovery phone number lost. I hope these above-given ways will surely help you to get back your account and you can now use it for your personal as well as for your business purposes.

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