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What Does Aqua Affinity Do In Minecraft?

Concerning the aqua affinity enchantment in minecraft and Exactly What it does I Presume it Seems like a Very Trendy enchantment I mean aqua affinity come on but let Us see what it does This why Not we Begin Alright so Just What is the aqua affinity enchantment at Minecraft Exactly What it’s That are helmets as Well as turtle shells since turtle shells are Hong elements Clearly so what it Really Does is Generally in Minecraft when you Are underwater and you Are mining it takes five Days More to mine a Thing then

when you Are Only on land so Essentially what aqua affinity does is if you enchant your helmet onto it Essentially negates that Punishment so when you Are Submerged you can mine in Precisely the Same Rate as on Property so it Is Rather useful enchantment to Get in your helmet plus it Is only a Flat one enchantment since it’s the 1 effect and it Is Different from also from Only your Motion on your water so if you Are in Warm Water it takes longer to move around but you Head faster so Likely if You’ve Got aqua affinity in Your Own helmet you probably want to get Thickness Strider in your boots so you can move underwater Quicker and you can also mine Quicker so if you Are not familiar with this is the pattern

That You Want to craft a diamond helmet to enchant it Envision this is a Novel you can put it in here so you get an aqua affinity minecraft helmet after Which your geared up so Sadly I Am in creative so That I Can Not show you That the difference in how it works since I Have already tried that Many times to Performing different takes on It and This Seemed really Dumb so just Remember that It’s a lot Faster to mine that is the aqua affinity enchantment in minecraft too bad I could Not show you guys

how to use it if You Would like to check out It Certainly Proceed and enchant a helmet and Look for the Closest gravel and try to mine it out and you’ll definitely Notice a difference in the mining Rate that you Generally have – Together with the Aqua affinity helmet on so it Is definitely worth getting I’d Likely strongly Imply it it’s a Fairly useful helmet enchantment Therefore in the Event That You want to check out All of the other enchantments I Have done I Have done a Great Deal of enchantments Concerning the bows That the crossbows the what’s What called a trident and I Am Essentially go not be going through All the enchantments to see what Is worth getting and what Is worth Entirely avoiding.

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