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What Does Bane of Arthropods Do In Minecraft?

About enchantments the past time I Really Did aqua affinity and Now I Am doing bane of arthropods minecraft so Essentially How it works is That It Raises damage that Dinosaurs like Lions and arthropods like Lions silverfish and ender mites um and Raises slows that Provides them slowness Too so That They Have slowed down so yeah I Am gonna Demonstrate how it Functions and right I forgot I Really Want another sword I Want to show you Need to Demonstrate the difference so Now I Am gonT be showing you That there are five Degrees each Degree it Continues Somewhat as the slowness lasts between a Minute and 1.5 Minutes at level 1 and it Increases by half a second and Also at Par five It's Going to be 3.5 Minutes of slowness so it Is just a long time in Case you Are counting at a minute so I Am gonna take this and do

so Fine Oh oops wrong way round okay that Is one so here this one has Strike damage over there Equally have five Fine that Is fine okay so Today I Am gonna Demonstrate the Way this works so Essentially here I Have a normal server Complete god did Enjoy a Single - yeah - and let's see this Sort it Has gone in a Single so there Is a difference Both three se3 and with this one two it Is Astonishing and the higher you Move up the higher the enchantment goes Really Angry let's see I Am gonT Take a While I Am gonna Earn a horde of Lions see Just How long

That takes so Essentially bane of arthropods minecraft Would Be to Create it Just Spiders and Works silverfish and things Such as This have legs and they Are beetles Generally since they just does Not work on Additional mouths it Will Not Alter anything I Will Provide you an Instance in the next kill Those Men because if I Move on survival then Most of these Men will Strike me I do Not Desire that Fine let's do so hmm there Is a lava you Would like to land Inside ooh Fine and this past spider did you Really Do done Fine so you Understand flicks slowness about the MS well Alright now let Us see onto a zombie this Will Not That should Not work it'll make any difference However sorry about that guys Acceptable oh it Is getting darker Therefore oh that Is a zombie horse Fine two c3 now let Us try it Using this one Three and Two see it Is nothing Has changed it is Not any Simpler and so this Item Just works with Termites and Spiders and silverfish

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