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What Does Depth Strider Do In Minecraft?

That the frost Walker enchantment to the depth Strider Minecraft enchantment basically to see which one is the better boot enchantment in Minecraft so why don't we get started so the first point to comprehend about the frost Walker and depth Strider enchantments is they are incompatible with one another and then also boot enchantments so what this signifies is you basically have to pick either the depth Strider or the frost Walker enchantment so let's first talk about the frost Walker enchantment so first of all of the maximum level is two what it does is it permits you to walk on water so basically it creates frosted ice

where you're walking so the water needs to be still water and there needs to be air above it the radius around you that it creates frosted ice is two plus the level so before maximum or it'd be three or four based on the degree of the enchantment the blocks need to be exactly the exact same level the light level will actually melt the ice so that you need to keep moving so this means at night it is going to be less it'll take longer for the ice to melt and during the day it's more likely to melt it also removes the damage from magma blocks and camp fire and it is a treasure enchantment so this means that you can just get it through chests loot raids or even villager trading now let's look at the depth Strider Minecraft enchantment so the depth strata enchantment essentially permits

you to move faster underwater so the maximum level is three and what it does is it reduces the effects of walking and water by one third so once you walk in water it slows you down quite a bit so each level basically reduces that effect by one third so when it actually gets the maximal above three this indicates you're basically walking normally in water so this only applies to moving horizontally in the event that you move vertically it doesn't have any effect so if you're just walking on the bottom of an ocean for instance you'll just be walking at normal speed in case you have depth Strider 3 so what we're gonna do is try to check this out first so I have depth strategies on me and I'm just gonna go in the water so as you can tell even though I'm underwater I'm walking normally so I'm walking like there's absolutely not any water and I'm just on land so if we take these off let's see

what the difference is like as you can see I'm moving a lot slower it's taking me a lot longer so the next one I'm gonna test out is the frost Walker enchantment, therefore I rehab it on so let's see how much time it takes for frost water rope here as I'm getting closer so you can see it only I'm three blocks away and it started already filling with frosted ice so that you can see that it makes it a great deal easier if we wish to just walk on water and you may see whether the ice is already cracking due to the light level so if you're wondering which one is better the frost Walker or the depth Strider enchantment I kind of like the depth Strider enchantment since it lets you move quicker under water and that sort of seems painful occasionally

if you don't have the enchantment but I'd probably say the Foss Walker and chapman is better because it's more unique it's somewhat different it permits you to walk on water that's useful and it also basically negates damage from things like mega blocks and half fire so I would certainly give the thumbs up to the frost Walker compared to the depth Strider enchantment so that's my opinion so that was comparing the depth Strider and the frost Walker enchantment at Minecraft if you're interested I have also done videos on each enchantment which goes in deeper into thickness and I have a bhoot enchantment guide.

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