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What Does Mending Do In Minecraft?

You a little bit about mending and also five Distinct locations where to find that mental encampment awesome men didn't lose so um before I actually show you it make sure you're gonna Adhere to the disc or as whatever closes the two hundred members and obviously at 200 members we're opening our Own subscriber realm so Be Sure You go and be active over there that being said that less strong strains the video okay so if you didn't already know that you can never get the amended enchantment from Only a normal enchanting table you've got to use all the methods and hopefully this video will help you okay so no matter how hard you try you will not ever Have the Ability to combine the Mendon enchantment and the Infineon chapman That's pretty understandable if you know what I mean okay so what does man didn't do mending minecraft you can put on pretty much any piece of equipment All These pieces of equipment in fact and basically it requires XP to repair them so you can add it to a piece of equipment and It'll just use your XP Rather than leveling you walk it will just repair your armor or your sword or whatever you using so it to be fair it's a Fairly good enchantment something that you obviously got a 1 evil okay firstly we're gonna Chat about fishing the fishing is a Excellent way to get enchantment books okay you can Find Many Different Kinds of income books but mainly you can get mending but

There's a Couple of things you can do to actually improve the Odds of getting it okay so the best way to go is probably build yourself an afk fish farm a little bit like this in the Event That You're on bedrock aren't you over there's so many Distinct versions that work however this one does require a Car clicker is a little example of me using it with that and also click oh you just Need to obviously cast like a normal fish fishing like you just normally fishing again you still get the Very Same results however there's still ways to improve that's right if it's raining on the bobber then it won't actually reduce the time of your like catches by 20% so um it's always important to remember it the best time to fish are the afk fish or normally fish is obviously it was to training okay so before the village in pillage or plate the only way to get a man in book form a pillar job was obviously the woodland mansion however that was pretty far away so when obviously raids were introduced in the villager and pillage or update it was pretty awesome because not only be could you start our Regular raid in a village but in Addition, It meant that you can make a fully automatic afk raid farm or gate which literally made you can automatically get mending minecraft books like without doing anything all

you had to do was build this design however unfortunately the killing mechanism on this doesn't work in the new update but there's so many of the raid farms that do actually work which I definitely advise you checking out and because they're all so awesome for all the loot as well okay so number three is the end dungeon just before you get to the end you go through the portal you want to check the Entire n dungeon for chess obviously that wasn't a amending minecraft book in that first chest however it still was an enchanted book so the Odds are you can still get the mending minecraft book from those chests however I found a mending book Once I was in the library so it just kind of makes sense in the library you know finding enchanted books obviously Make Certain you search both chess and sometimes there's also two libraries in your n dungeon so Make Certain you just search you've checked all the libraries but as you can see in this chest here there's a number of enchanted books including mending minecraft which is exactly what we want so that is number three okay number four is my personal favorite and that's to go looting in the entities now the entities provide perfect places to farm end in lieu okay so it is not a guaranteed thing like here I don't I don't know if I find any however um in the Event That You go and search a number of entities you're almost guaranteed to find Some Type of lute with mending minecraft on it whether it's a sword or a piece of armor and as you can see this is my end shop I've got a few Distinct items with mending minecraft on it just from looting okay so what decided save the best till last and villager trades are definitely the best way to acquire mending books okay so

you've got a new max out the trades with the villager and eventually they'll Provide you over a Nice trade or not an Excellent trade for a mending book but either way you will Find a mending book this is definitely the best way I think a Good Deal of people would agree so yeah this is Most Likely the best way to go get yourself some village go online have a little look at some village of breeders and get one of those made because like say this is Possibly the Most efficient way to get men okay one Final bonus tip for everybody skeletons have a Opportunity to Really drop mending bows once we kill them obviously this will be an increased chance if you use a looting three sort so really the six little tips there few guys to get wounded okay so there we have it there's five Distinct locations where to find them ending in champion plus one bonus locations so I hope this obviously helped you out if it did let me know by you smashing the like button and also if you're new here Be Sure You subscribe with that notification bell on because we're literally growing Each and Every day I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody Who's subscribed already and has been supporting my channel because obviously without you guys I wouldn't be motivated to make these videos so that's literally everything I'll catch you on the next one

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