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What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

so I have been getting a lot of requests lately to do things like infinite enchantments or negative enchantments playing around with values like that um this one is a little bit different and I assume you guys are enjoying these videos I think it's really cool trying to break these limits that exist in the first place so as you know Multishot minecraft does not have a level it's just multi shot and when you have a multi shot crossbow it just shoots out three arrows or three fireworks or whatever it has a hard limit of three so let's try multi shot one and see what happens so this is the default value multi shot one shoots three arrows so nothing different there so multi shot two let's see how many arrows it fires four arrows are being fired every time so what i'm going to do is bump this up to 10 and let's see how many arrows there are now even more i'm not going to count them now it doesn't really matter but I have successfully used a data pack to increase the number of arrows across both shoots depending on the level of multi shot so now this gets a little bit deadly the moment I increase it to a valley let's say 50 it gets a little worse so it looks more like fireworks now i'm not going gonna use fireworks because it's gonna lag so much but the arrows do come back down which is very nice to see um this is collateral damage this is something that you'll see in a war zone for example let's say you have a bunch of creepers and you do this let's see how many creepers get hit not a lot in fact I can go ham on this and just do multi shot 500. creepers are trying to run away that is going to take a long time but this is multi-shot 500. dang it's actually kind of underwhelming i expected more from multi-shot 500 but uh let's have a look again come down okay some of them have died but the arrows are so dispersed because of all the motion that comes from shooting it into the air i guess the creepers survive this one what about if I shoot them directly yeah I guess that's a little more efficient doing it this way you can actually see the arrows generating as i'm flying away there's that much lag involved from randomizing the motion of 500 arrows or 50 errors in this case i think yeah just 50. or 500 you can see them just calculating all of the randomization um in all the motions so takes a bit of time but you can see exactly what i'm doing so i'm summing a lot of arrows at the same game tick um and then it's calculating all the random motions so it looks quite nice it'd be a lot better if it was a little more efficient in that case all right creepers i'm not done i'm going to do level 1000 now uh as you can probably tell it's gonna take a long time this is how long it takes all the arrows start summoning right here the same game tick and then each one calculates a random motion for every other one and then when it's ready it's not going to lag too much i know the limit because i've been testing it but yeah that's how much it takes so 1000 looks like this from the air so i'm gonna stand over this side and then they shoot into the sky all at once and then they come flying down that's multi-shot 1000. I could continue bumping this up 1300 is the rough limit with all of this so um I can continue doing that i guess I just did it twice i'm not sure that's a good idea the number of entities it takes to do all of this is insane because i'm running an ring thingy in the background for every single arrow that's shot so it maintains the identity that it deserves but you can see how well like spread out they are now the title of this video is level 10 000. um i'm going to try it uh it's going to be the end of this video because it's impossible um the limit is 1400 and I don't know why 1300 it still does it successfully 1400 definitely not it takes about 30 minutes even longer so this is multi-shot 10 000

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