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What does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

In the Minecraft bedrock edition beta one point eight point zero point ten the crossbow is added this weapon is insane and I'm gonna show you All of the enchantments I'm gonna talk about what they are and what they do so before I start I Wish to Be Certain you know that I'm on the bedrock condition so if You've Got the bedrock condition but you don't have the crossbow it's because I'm playing in the beta so the only way to get it is to join the beta and if you're playing on the Java edition of Minecraft crossbows won't be in the game just yet only because snapshots Aren't yet for the Java edition also I'm on beta one point eight point zero point ten so the enchantments could change in the future on the bedrock edition or once the Java does she comes out the achievements could be Somewhat different or there could be some new ones and if it is the case and I'll make an updated video on these enchantments and I think that's pretty much it so let's get started okay so B fortunately all the enchantments I want to show you the normal crossbow and how it works because a lot of people don't play the bedrock edition of Minecraft so they don't know that the cost was even in the game right now or the purpose of it so the crossbow how it works is it's kinda like a bow you can draw it back and you Find a little animation there but when you pull it back All of the way and locks in place and you can actually walk around with it and then

when you so I'm on xbox Once I put the I press the left trigger there we go so it shoots it so it takes a bit to charge up once it does you can hold like this so I'll show you just like that show you the chart up to just like this and then it's locked in place and we're gonna shoot this cow and that's the normal crossbow but now let's get onto the enchantments alright so the first enchantment is called a quick charge and just like the name suggests again Speedy charge Minecraft or it can charge quickly so I'm gonna compare it to the original crossbow or the normal crossbow and then I Would like to show I'm gonna show you the quick charge Minecraft crossbow with level 3 so obviously There's level 1 and 2 and it'll be slower but they'll be quicker and the normal crossbow so let's try this right now 1 2 3 almost Charlie on 1 2 3 around three and a half seconds and then quick charge Minecraft 3 1 2 honestly not even like 2 seconds that's actually really impressive and extremely quick but yeah so yeah Remember this is number 3 all these we maxed out so there's like level 3 and 4 and stuff like that so I'm out I have like the best settings like the levels so if you find like different one so if you finally level one and two they'll be different they'll vary but they'll still be pretty quick charge Minecraft so once again two seconds one two three seconds this one like one second that's extremely fast the next enchantment is called multishot minecraft and with multi shot you can shoot with three arrows at once and can only go up to level one which makes sense because three arrows is a lot and pretty overpowered and you can own shoot three fireworks at once just like the Standard cross book and shoot fireworks you can shoot three Oh once with multi shot so I'm gonna show you one that

one these Pigman just like random ones just in right here I'm gonna show you the multi shot so obviously normal crossbows already loaded up shoot someone this one loaded up choose three okay well I'll demonstrate it right now and there we go you can't really tell shoot it here first so three arrows right there and let me try this actually again try to hit at least two of them there we go that's multi shot it's really cool this is probably my favorite one it's problem about the best one you want but it's still really cool and the last enchantment is called piercing so right now I have piercing for so it was obviously four levels piercing one piercing - piercing three and piercing four and I'm trying to playing this the best I can but the higher you go in the levels so this is level four the Greater amount of mobs you hit with piercing so piercing goes through mobs so for example I think like piercing blood would go to like two mobs then piercing two would go through like three month or something like that so apparently I didn't test this yet but I heard that piercing four goes through five mob so I'm gonna test I have five Pigman right here and I'm gonna test it or at least someone try to get like three of them and I Believe I get two of them try it again let's try older they're up on the low so we get two but still it's pretty cool these guys it's Travis okay we hit like three or four of them and yeah that's actually that's it for piercing that that is pretty overpowered and it's silver power that you can't even stack it with where is it I think that you can't stack it with quick charge because that that'd be way too overpowered so you have things that can stack is quick charge three in piercing Oh what I meant was I sorry multi-shot can't stack with piercing minecraft cuz that'd be pretty intense he had like three arrows and they would all go through like a ton of mops out that just be way too overpowered so


we have quick charge Minecraft three piercing four it's also just gonna charge up quick and they can pierce through All them that's frickin crazy and then we have multi shot one in quick charge Minecraft so charges up and you can hit multiple mobs at once kind of the Identical thing it honestly it kinda is that's all man these enchantments are frickin crazy I don't think I had more hopefully I do though because I think it's actually it but they're gonna add but if they added like one more and made like really cool maybe like or Perhaps You can enchant it with I don't think you can use normal chance but you can have like a flame one that pretty cool I'm excited that the crossbows in the game and I can't wait to use it once the official update comes out and there we go let's are all the enchantments for the new crossbow

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