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What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft?

About the respiration enchantment in Minecraft and what it exactly does so why do not we get started so how about we discuss this respiration enchantment in minecraft what does it do you say well what it does is it increases your breathing when you are underwater so that it increases your breathing by 15 minutes by each degree of enchantment the maximum degree of enchantment you imagined 

it's 3 so with degree 3 respiration you receive 45 additional seconds of breathing underwater another thing to think about with this is it reduces your drowning a bit so usually once you drown you take two damage but with respiration in Minecraft in your helmet what it really does is it requires the level of this respiration and after that it divides it by the level of the respiration +1 so it may give you one final damage when you are drowning so definitely it is a worthwhile enchantment to have in your helmet especially with the worth of concrete currently in the game and how gravel is under water much definitely an enchantment to catch so in the event that you have no idea how to craft a helmet I don't know

how long you've been playing Minecraft but it's definitely valuable to have a helmet basically 5 diamonds in that pattern and to enchant your helmet was said respiration in Minecraft 3 you set it in an envelope together with all the helmet there you set the book there and you have a restoration 3 so I am in creative unfortunately so if I move underwater and that I place the helmet onto what exactly do it correctly sucked ok so anyways basically I would have 45 seconds of increased breathing underwater

so that I feel the base level of breathing is about 15 seconds so that it gives you about a minute of breathing underwater the other thing is it's possible to increase it even more if you've got a turtle shell helmet because the turtle shell helmet has 10 extra seconds of breathing underwater so between a turtle shell helmet respiration and standard breathing you could get up to 70 seconds so I would really say recovery is probably a fairly important enchantment when you've got a helmet so that's the respiration in Minecraft definitely an extremely valuable enchantment particularly if you anticipate getting gravel and breathing submerged it is definitely an enchantment you want on your helmet unless you're mad if you are crazy then I implore you to get respiration on your helmet that I feel as if I simply am repeating the word respiration like 70 times but yeah if you are interested I did a bunch of enchantment videos I have done I think I've done all of the helmet ones the boot ones I have done attempted ins crossbows bows and I am going to experience every enchantment to determine what the best ones are then what the worst ones

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