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What Does Smite Do In Minecraft?

The bane of arthropods enchantment basically telling you which one is better so why don't we get started so before we get started I should explain that these 3 enchantments are incompatible with each other so you have to choose one of the three to put on your sword or your axe so let's start with the bane of arthropods enchantment so the maximum level is five each level does 2.5 damage so the maximum level of damage you can do is 12.5 and this is specific to arthropods in the game so when you also hit the mob it'll give it slowness for 4.5 seconds per level so the maximum is 3.5 seconds it will have slowness for it now if you're wondering what the hell arthropods are in game they are spiders bees and your mites cave spiders and solar fish so as you can see there's not a great deal of mobs that this is specific to so I would say it is not the greatest of enchantments and the following one is the smite enchant now the utmost level is 5 so it basically does the exact same thing it does 2.5 damage per a level so the maximum is 12.5 and the specific to undead mobs and I should explain that that's 12.5 in addition to the already damaged you would do so it can do a lot of damage to a mod so if you're wondering which ones are the undead bombs in Minecraft they are skeletons zombies withers wither skeletons zombie pigman skeleton horses strays tusks phantoms and drown so you can see there's quite a lot of mobs that you actually can do a great deal of damage to so the previous enchantment is sharpness 5 now the thing about sharpness 5 is unlike the other two that are specific to certain types of mobs this one applies to all mobs so the maximum level is 5 and what it does is 1 default damage and then 0.5 damage per a level so the maximum quantity of damage it can do is 3.5 so as you can tell that's quite a big difference in the other two you're only doing 3.5 damage with this one and the other two you're doing 12.5 but this applies to all mobs so the last thing is that so as to put sharpness 5 on to your sword or axe you have to use an anvil to do that the only exceptions to this are gold which allow you to really enchant either a sword or axle with sharpness 5 but the durability isn't that great on gold so it doesn't really matter so the last thing that we're gonna do is test out these swords son of a bane of arthropods odd sword and there's a spider here and we're going to see how many hits it takes before it kills the spider it should only take 1 or 2 so because you can tell it instantly 12 the spider so that it's definitely very effective when killing spiders to have that enchantment on there so the next one I'm going to test out the smite Minecraft enchantment so in the event that you're able to tell it's pretty much instantly killing them when I hit it with somebody let's test out the sharpness Minecraft enchantment so that you may see it took about two hits so that was the 3 enchantment so if you're wondering which one I would say is the best I'd probably say the sharpness Minecraft since it applies to all mobs even though it does less damage as we're with the arthropods one it's so specific to a certain kind of mob it's not really that useful I mean the smite Minecraft ones sort of useful because at least there's a great deal of undead mobs you can actually use it on but I mean the sharpness applies to all of them so it's the most useful.

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