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What Does Riptide Do In Minecraft?

The riptides enchantment in Minecraft well not doing the Riptide Minecraft but doing a video about the Riptide enchantment in Minecraft and basically telling you worth whether it's well worth getting or if it's worth completely avoiding so um maybe I should start the video so if you're wondering basically how it work when you throw it it throws you so it's kind of like a transportation kind of thing the way that it works is when you're yet to use it in water you have to be in a snowy biome where it's actually snowing you can't be in a mountainous biome and it'd be snowing it has to be specifically a snowy biome also if it's raining it'll transport you and what I mean is it'll actually transport you through the rain so it's pretty cool so the maximum level is three and obviously the higher the level the greater distance it'll throw you it's incompatible with both loyalty and channeling if you're not knowledgeable about loyalty and channeling basically loyalty is when you throw the trident it's how quick it'll return to you and also channeling is basically if you throw the trident and a mob it'll summon a lightning bolt it must be raining or a thunderstorm basically or a raining thunderstorm and it is going to basically summon a lightning bolt and hit that mop which is pretty cool it'll turn things like pigs into zombie pigmen and it'll turn villagers into witches so some cool Easter eggs I did a video on those two enchantments so in the event that you would like to check them out but getting onto Riptide Minecraft basically every time you use it it will consume durability and if you're actually using Riptide and you hit something like a player or mob they'll deal damage like if you threw the trident so why don't we get to this so you cannot craft a trident and unfortunately the only way you'll be able to get it is via a drowned so when drown spawned sometimes they have a trident in their hand it's a very small percentage that they'll actually spawn with a trident and basically yet to kill them and it's very small likelihood they'll actually drop the trident so the ideal way to raise your odds is either to create a drown farm so you can kill a lot of drowned and eventually get your Trident or you can get a looting on looting enchantment two on a weapon and it'll increase your odds that when you actually kill the Drowned you are going to find a trident but those that is unfortunately the only way you may find a trident in minecraft so let's enchants of Trident so I'm likely to do just to demonstrate the variation between level 1 and level 3 with Riptide Minecraft I'm going to a chance a level 1 trident so obviously you put the trend in here in the anvil you don't put boots like I was attempting to do there but you put Riptide 3 in here and you have a Riptide Minecraft 3 try it so here's some still water so let's see how this goes so you see I didn't go very high actually that was weird let's try it again yeah I I barely went up that time so let's try basically I'm shooting it up like straight up because that's the increased distance I think if you Archer the bit you'll not get as high so let's try this out again so as you can tell I want way up compared to the other one let's try this again my in the water so yeah that's a significant difference okay so what I'm gonna do also just to show I will set rain and thunder to observe how good this thing is so this thing is apparently supposed to be amazing in rain so let's try this out [Music] so I went straight up hmm that was sort of interesting you definitely kind of fun to have fun with but yeah probably take me a while to get used to this so that was the riptides enchantment in Minecraft so I should also make a note that basically because of the enchantments that it's incompatible with if you want a riptide Minecraft trident it means that is just for transportation or throwing yourself just for the riptides enchantment basically I mean you still can get things like unbreaking and mending on it but it's basically just for that purpose and the alternate is with stuff like channeling and loyalty basically you're likely to be using it as a weapon so those are basically the two branches of the enchantments for a trident if you're interested I've also done videos on all those things and I've done I believe I've done all of this tried in specific enchantments.

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