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What is Spider eye used for in Minecraft?

Stuck with a bunch of spider eyes and aren't sure how to use it this video is going to explain to you how to use spider eye Minecraft let's first talk about where you can get spider eye Minecraft one place is the desert temple there's a twenty eight point seven percent chance of a chest having a stack of one two three spider eyes another way is by killing either a spider or a cave spider there's a one-third prospect of them dropping a spider eye this can be raised by having the looting and Chapman on your sword the formula for looting is to in brackets looting level plus three brackets and this is of not getting the spider I the maximum level of looting is three so at the maximum level you have a two-thirds chance of getting a spider I when you kill a spider or a cave spider killing witches can drop zero to six spider eyes this can also be increased with looting the formula is different with witches it increases to three possible spider eyes per each degree of the enchant this means you could get as many as 15 spider eyes from killing a witch another function of the spider eye you may not think about is you could actually eat them as a food item if you consume spider eyes it will replenish to hunger points and three point to saturation but gives you poison effect for four seconds which will give you poor damage so the only recipe in the crafting table fermented spider eyes so in the crafting table if you take a brown mushroom sugar and a spider eye you can produce a fermented spider eye now let's talk about the most important purpose of spider eye Minecraft and that is for brewing if you're not knowledgeable about brewing I have a tutorial you can see by clicking on the card in the top right corner also I have videos on each individual potion if you want more information to summarize brewing this is display of the brewing stand on the left you can see where you can place the peel the only item that can be used as fuel is blaze powder which will give you twenty uses at the bottom you can see there are three slots this is where you can place either water bottles or potions the top slot is where you can set the item that you need to distill in the water bottles or potions there are two potions which you could create with the spider I'm if you place a water bottle in the bottom slot and distill spider eye into this it is going to create a mundane potion thus a mundane potion is one of the base potions unfortunately it doesn't do anything so the next one is if you place awkward potion in the bottom spot and if you're not familiar with awkward potion it is nether warts distilled into a water bottle this is the most significant base potion and allows you to add effects to the potions in the event that you would spider eye minecraft into the top slot and distill it into an awkward position and receive a potion of poison the potion gives you the poison a factor of 45 seconds it does 36 damage but you can't go below one house also the potion of poison has no effect on undead mobs now the next part will discuss fermented spider I've fermented spider I is useful because it corrupts potions and gives them the opposite effect the first one is if you take water bottles and you distill fermented spider eye minecraft into it will give you the potion of weakness when made into a splash potion it can be used to cure a zombie villager The effect of the potion of weakness is it reduces melee damage by four for one minute and thirty seconds the next is the potion of healing which is blistering melon slice in awkward potion and potion of poison which is spider I distilled into offer potion both of these potions when distilled with fermented spider I provide you with the potion of harming the potion of healing increases health by four the potion of poison is the poison effect and harming does six damage also the potion of healing just damaged two undead mobs in contrast the potion of harming doesn't do any damage to undead mobs and feels them so both the potion of swiftness which is sugar distilled into an awkward potion and the potion of leaping which is rabbit's foot distilled into an awkward potion when distilled with fermented spider eye it creates the potion of slowness that the potion of leaping allows you to jump higher the potion of swiftness permits you to move 20% faster and the potion of slowness makes you move 15% slower so the previous one is the potion of Knight which is the golden carrot distilled into an awkward potion if this is distilled with fermented spider I you get the potion of invisibility so the potion of night-vision permits you to see at light level 15 while the potion of invisibility creates a bubble effect and makes the player model invisible you still will be visible if you're holding an item or you're wearing armor.

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